I am a fully qualified, accredited counsellor with a range of work experience prior to my counselling training, including the private sector, education and charity. 


I believe in the uniqueness and value that is within every one of us.  This allows me to unreservedly accept each person for who they truly are, without expectation or judgement and without any conditions being in place.

I have learnt that there is real power in being able to open up in a safe space to someone who will not judge you or interpret your story with their own meanings.  Someone who will really hear you and work to understand you, without trying to change who you are or tell you what to do.  I believe that each individual is the best person to tell their own story and to determine the outcome. 

I consider it my privilege to be with people during their difficult times, to understand what life is like for them and to offer steady support as they find their own way forward.  The journey is yours, but you need not be alone.


I offer acceptance and understanding, I will never judge.  I aim to create a space where you feel safe to share, explore and process your thoughts, feelings and experiences.


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